Wildlife Relocation

Our Wildlife Removal service is unique and is only offered by the professionals at Advocate Pest & Wildlife Specialists. We are the ONLY pest control company in Yuma County licensed with Arizona Game and Fish Department to handle all species.

Please do not attempt to illegally remove a protected species. After multiple hours of training, our technicians will properly and humanely relocate and/or remove the animal under our permitted license with AG&F. To report the illegal handling of wildlife, please contact AG&FD at (602) 942-3000 or our office at (928) 343-9149.

Our 20+ years of experience includes thousands of bats excluded, skunks trapped and relocated, pigeon eradication, snakes relocated to their environment, feral cats trapped, gophers removed and many, many calls to homes for unwanted predators.

What methods do we use? It depends on the species. For example, a skunk relocation is simply to trap the animal in a special cage and release it back into its normal environment. A bat exclusion would require using a special exit-only device to lure the animals out of the building and then preventing the re-entry by closing off the access points. This may only be done once the dwelling is 100% free of the animal. It is unlawful to prevent an escape route with the bats still present.

Call one of our friendly staff members to discuss any questions you may have about wildlife removal in Yuma County.